Marketing management

  • Client data management. Complete information with central client profile in real time and context which allows you to: centralize client data collection to monitor implicit and explicit behavior; achieve client profile in real time with tracking context, interest and forecasts; analyze the mood and behaviour of clients with detection tools to reveal better targeted marketing audience;
  • Marketing plan and budget. Increased flexibility and transparency with central representation of market budget and expenses in real time.
  • Marketing campaigns and sermentation. Management of marketing campaigns allows optimizing cleint relations and includes: planning and execution of targeted multichannel campaigns with customized dynamic content; approval of campigns activities with central marketing calendar; optimization of marketing operations with profound client analysis.
  • Audience oriented and segmentation. Allows finding better audience for marketing messages with extended targeting and segmentation including: detection of hidden trends and fast determination of microsegments using visualization and scoring tools in real time and intelligent modelling, rapid construction of complex segmentation trees using 'waterfall' interface, increasing investment profitability, etc.
  • Potential client managements. Optimizes processes to manage prospective clients and improves cooperation in sales and marketing due to development of contacts and creation of quality announcements with personalized marketing content and offers.
  • Loyalty management. Allows developing multi-channel loyalty programs to create a cleint experience including personalized remuneration through target programs of loyalty.
  • Analytics and efficiency management. Marketing optimization with analysis and efficiency control for cleint operations in real time: using advanced client data and opportunities analysis for better and optimized marketing activity and correlation with sales operations in terms of reports and dashboards.

Sales management

  • Sales plan and monitoring. Improving forecasts and achieving target goals with sales plans and monitoring.
  • Management of prospective clients and sales funnel. Helps improve efficiency of sales and increase profits due to enhanced management functionality: handling prospects at early stages of sales via unified solution; client information detection enterprise-wide; etc.
  • Management of opportunities and sales funnel. Facilitation of sales process and predictability of sales funnel.
  • Management of clients and contracts. Attention to cleint needs with account profiles and contact management.
  • Sales activities plan. Generates more sales due to client activities and visit plans due to call and visit schedules in relations management including registration and monitoring of surveys, effective use of sales funnel, integration with such tools as Outlook, Gmail and Lotus Notes, etc.
  • Client activity analysis. Focus on sales resources to expand access rights with client profiles.
  • Promotion management. Increase sales efficiency with promotion and commission management.
  • Management of partners and areas. Increase profits based on interaction with partners in diverse channels.
  • Territory management. Increase sales potential and reduction of costs.
  • Analytics. Increase transparency in sales pipeline, sales indicators, forecasts, etc.

Service management

  • Claim management. Enhances mamagement of claims with automated and complex end-to-end process: effective management of claims cycle using automated features of claim processing, integrated with feedbacks, internal repairs, quality control, and handling returns; etc.
  • Request for service management. Handing client problems in one interaction with requests for service; maximum agent efficiency using full history of calls and interactions; categorisation of requests, routing, SLA's; etc.
  • Service ontract maagement. Achievement of stable, long-term profitability with management of full cycle of service contracts.
  • Management of invoices and payment. Optimization of financial data for better reporting about billing and revenues.
  • Resource planning. Deployment of required resource for request-for-service execution.
  • Analytics. Information on service operation in real time with powerful analytics and intuitive dashboards.

Procurement management

  • Suppliers management. Manages external processes of supplier search using cloud solutions to control suppliers with SAP easily integrated with business applications. Provdes considerable economy of resources with high quality platform and global business network.
  • Management of procurements. Reduces risk and cost with better opportunities for saving, effiency and execution of supplier contracts.
    Manages entire process of analysis with contract closure using integrated bundle of solutions to manage staregic sources abd cloud offers based on SAP Ariba. Manages operations contracts and assignment of sources using SAP S/4 HANA.
  • Analytics. Realtime information with procurement reports.