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ClickSchedule, intelligent work planning solution by ClickSoftware

In contemporary market conditions, every service company needs to provide timely and high quality services, and apply efficient business processes to enable fast decision making in a competitive, ever-changing market environment, in accordance with company’s needs and evolution.

The most important facet of this process is intelligent planning. In your everyday activity you can hardly have a long time for solutions especially when you need to answer a customer service request with all applicable limitations (such as, no object access, special skill/tools requirements, etc), or in urgent/emergency situations. Even ideally fine-tuned schedule can change during a day and become obsolete to the evening.

Key business success factor is a company’s capability to effectively assign workforce to the right tasks at the right place and time. How can we make it?

To support effective schedule management, there is an intelligent decision-making tool that includes thousands of building calculations, resources and locations simultaneously, creates the schedule, and answers planner or schedule: “Who does what, when, where, and for whom?”

ClickSchedule, by ClickSoftware, is built to design effective work schedule and assign tasks to own and third-party workforce. The key feature is that ClickSchedule also provides ongoing schedule optimization with real-time changes and criteria affecting the quality of schedule.

To do that, ClickSchedule includes a comprehensive tool set for scheduling and decision making, both automatic and manual. This facilitates and accelerates system user relations, and guarantees benefits for a business. Using ClickSchedule allow service companies to handle real-time information on schedule and workforce involvement, timely react to unexpected or urgent events utilizing available workforce to the maximum at any moment.