ABBYY FlexiCapture

Universal and smart data processing platform

ABBYY FlexiCapture is a universal platform for intelligent processing of data received from any type of documents: scanned papers, photos, electronic documents, emails, and attachments. The solution recognizes, classifies documents, retrieves data, checks for correctness, and transfers to corporate information systems. Using ABBYY FlexiCapture considerably optimizes all business processes related to document management.

Key benefits

  • Cost reduction for document processing.
    Automatic classification, recognition, and export of data from any sources and document types into information systems.
  • Time reduction of decision making.
    Quick and accurate data processing accelerates making management decisions.
  • Control at all stages and levels.
    Extended opportunities for monitoring and reporting help manage the flows of documents, analyze and optimize employees activities in terms of company priorities.

FlexiCapture features

  • Intelligent data retrieval
    The platform with machine learning and text processing in natural language automatically recognizes, classifies, retrieves, checks, and transfer data into information systems from any text messages and documents.
  • Intelligent classification
    The system allows classifying any types of incoming documents simplifying corporate information management, reducing time for data processing and decision making.
  • Scalability and high efficiency
    The FlexiCapture solution is easily scalable if a company requires higher rate of processing of big data volumes. FlexiCapture is capable of processing more than three million pages per day.
  • Monitoring and reporting
    Intuitive interface for monitoring allows quickly receiving information on status and efficiency of a system. The system presumes various types of reports: by errors, number of processed packages, stages, lists of active stations and operators, etc.
  • Automatic learning
    Automatic learning can reduces the time-to-deploy and cost of system ownership. The system adjusts its operation collecting user feedback considerably reducing costs for the maintenance. This is especially important when implementing large-scale projects with processing big volumes of data.
  • Cross-browser support and up-to-date design based on HTML5
    HTML5-based FlexiCapture web support such browsers as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE, Opera, etc. Companies with subsidiaries and affiliates can distribute production processes by divisions independently of the way of work stations use – locally, remotely, or via browser.
  • SLA support (Service Level Agreement)
    SLA monitoring is one of a basis for contemporary business. New features help optimize system operation, install and control data processing rate for crucial business processes. The system allows specifying required time for data processing and level of importance for each type of processed document packages.
  • Mobile data input
    Data input with mobile devices facilitate data access and increases the processing rate. The FlexiCapture mobile client allows sending and processing document photos. These processes can be tracked through notification on successful data download and processing.