Business Analytics

Business Intelligence (BI) is a process of information analysis aimed at making decision (model of behavior) to reach preset goals. The BI tools are analytical systems processing, structuring, and providing source information in convenient look-and-feel for processing and making decision.

Employing analytical systems for big volumes of information and diverse sources of such information allow customer to:

  • improve operations transparency and company status;
  • increase timely decision making by company top managers based on real-time and accurate information at any time and any place;
  • increase labor efficiency of a company;
  • reduce operational expenses for retrieving real-time information due to self-service options for system users;
  • involve a wide range of system features to analyze data from almost any source allowing integration into current IT landscape;
  • retrieve information on mobile devices to make timely managerial decision;
  • use a single point of entry for all users based on roles and permissions for content and data.