SAP Hybris

SAP Hybris Cloud is a solution that helps cover all aspects of client relations. SAP Hyrbis Cloud, together with SAP CRM, combines sales team efforts and client relations including social media. This combination improves efficiency, personal contacts, and provides better client satisfaction.

SAP Hybris Cloud for sales

  • Helps know your client and sell your products in the best way.
  • Provides effective team relations with current and prospective clients.
  • Creates real time client view offering the best solution for each client.
  • Easily and effectively manage all client relations.
  • Provides best practices for clients at each stage of cooperation helping them stand out among competition.

SAP Hybris Cloud for services

  • Enhances client service process to a new level. “Cloud” approach enables decision flexibility.
  • Provides experience in all-channel communications including email, web resources, chats, and telephones.
  • Provides full and updated information on each client.
  • Improves efficiency of support service using integrated knowledge base.
  • Employs collective expertise in support and provides necessary information enterprise-wide.
  • Business insights for effective services using analytic tools and dashboards.

SAP Hybris Cloud for social media

  • Provides social media monitoring of client relations automatically determining key audience influencers and issues, and organizes company activities for better reaction for clients and audience.
  • Pays attention to client opinion in comfortable communication format.
  • Defines key messages and uses corporate data to work with critical messages.