SAP Mobile Platform

Helps quickly develop and deploy mobile applications for company resources. SAP Cloud Platform and SAP Mobile Platform help use less complex approach to develop mobile strategy of a company.

Quick deployment of SAP Mobile Platform

Quickly deployed SAP Mobile Platform offers full set of “building blocks” and ready-to-use tools that help clients and partners develop and deploy a mobile development platform thus maximizing developer performance, facilitating administrator work and improving user experiences.


  • Unified base for development and deployment of SAP mobile solutions
  • Step-by-step setting in dynamic and production mode using pre-configured scripts
  • Structured scenario to select deployment options
  • Acceleration option to reduce time for application development and platform settings
  • Facilitation of deployment process and integration complexity in SAP Mobile Platform using mobile apps


  • Installation and configuration of SAP Mobile Platform 3.0 components common for all archetype applications for SAP NetWeaver Gateway
  • Configuration of network, security and authentication in SAP Mobile Platform 3.0
  • Activation of SAP Fiori for mobile users providing features, e.g. for offline work, notifications and device characteristics (camera, GPS, etc).
  • Turning on push-notifications for OData and Agentry
  • Settings of development environment in SAP Mobile Platform for Native OData, Hybrid and Agentry
  • Administrative operations and maintenance
  • Flexible options and service deployment