For businesses operating round the clock, the most critical is a system downtime during SAP infrastructure transformation. With a regular upgrade approach we can hardly munimize this time or sometimes even impossible.

We offer the unique approach for SAP upgrade enabling to reduce time of production system downtime to the minimum. The legacy SAP landscape remains in operation during the project and users can perform as usual. And at the moment of proeduction transfer we only have to swicth users into "new" SAP system and perfrom minimal required measures.

Our approach in SAP systems upgrade allows the following:

  • Perform direct upgrade of SAP from version SAP R/3 4.0 (or higher) to SAP ERP 6.0.
  • Transfer not only to newer OS and DBMS during upgrade but also to new hardware.
  • Divide upgrade process and data migration.
  • Perform data conversion to Unicode 'on the fly'.
  • Perform selective migration of client data.
  • Minimize risks in product transfer to newer version.
  • Choose upgrade scenario depending on customer needs.
  • Reduce labor and time costs.


Timely upgrade of SAP systems enables Customer to reduce system TCO and implementation of new features. SAP updates include actual requirements of legislation and accounting helping Customer avoid any penalties and close financial period on time.

SAP system transformation allows Customer to:

  • Reduce costs of basic works.
  • Reduce project time due to automation of complex tasks.
  • Perform effective data checks.
  • Reduce risks of product transformation.
  • Minimize time of product transformation.
  • Improve SAP user satisfaction.