SAP BusinessObjects Predictive Analytics

This software is for predictive analytics aimed at creation of digital enterprise - available both on-premise and in cloud solution.

This powerful solution for predictive analytics allow creating higher quality forecasts, organizing machine learning with automation of model lifecycle, and opening access to forecast results at any points of interaction. SAP Predictive Analytics advantages:

  • Automated data preparation, forecast modelling and deployment.
  • Use of forecast assessment in database for diverse target systems.
  • Fast analysis using extended visualization features.
  • Integration with the R language to employ multiple additional algorithms and user-defined scripts .
  • Deployment of SAP BusinessObjects Predictive Analytics autonomously or based on SAP HANA.

Functional features:

  • Automated analytics
  • Expert Analytics
  • Management of full life cycle of forecast models
  • Data Manage
  • Social effect and recommendations
  • Extended visualisation features

Technical features:

  • Automated forecasting
  • BigData analytics
  • Automated forecast library
  • Integration with R language