1С:Enterprise 8. TMAR Technology maintenance and repairs of equipment


The software product "1С:Enterprise 8. TMAR Technology maintenance and repairs of equipment" includes a set of features increasing efficiency of operations of enterprise departments, including:

  • for enterprise top management and business development: excellent capabilities to analyze, plan, and flexibly manage enterprise resources to improve competitive power and provide transparency for production assets;
  • for heads of departments, managers and employees in production, sales, procurement and other activities supporting production process: tools improving efficiency for daily operations in their areas of responsibility;
  • for maintenance department: opportunity to use products as a foundation for operations management – with archive of all regulatory and managerial documentation, PM schedule calculations, issue of maintenance work orders, registering repair works;
  • for accounting enterprise services: tools for automated accounting in full accordance with legislation requirements and corporate standards.

Solutions can be used both at separate enterprises and production holdings to provide unification of production and regulatory accounting for repairs and maintenance.