SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence

SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence (BI) is a flexible, scalable information infrastructure facilitating search and sharing of insights to make better decisions.

SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence

Flexible reporting and analysis

View data from different perspectives – and easily edit queries and reports to reflect information needs – with a highly interactive data interface.

  • View, edit, remove, report, section, or block filters
  • Format and re-size cells, tables, and charts
  • Set breaks and sorts
  • Insert calculations
  • Add rows and columns to tables
  • Create and duplicate tables and charts
  • Turn a grid into a chart or a chart into a grid
  • Create formulas and variables
  • Edit cell formulas in place
  • Re-combine report objects within tables and charts

Online and offline capabilities

Ask questions, analyze data, and identify trends no matter where you are – with online and offline reporting and analysis tools.

SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio

Design interactive data visualizations for your mobile business dashboards and BI apps.

Create interactive, mobile-ready data visualizations for your business dashboards and BI apps – using SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio. Enhance app and dashboard design, put actionable information at decision makers’ fingertips – and get the maximum value from your data with a direct connection to SAP Business Warehouse and SAP HANA.

Functional Capabilities

Easily design centrally governable visual analytics content€“ from simple templates to sophisticated applications.

  • Build BI dashboards or apps using compelling, multi-dimensional data visualizations
  • Connect business dashboards and apps to your trusted SAP BW and SAP HANA data
  • Leverage existing analyses by operating on SAP Business Explorer (SAP BEx) queries, InfoCubes, and SAP HANA views
  • Lay a foundation for broad publication with easy scalability
  • Seamlessly transfer data with filter member values from SAP BusinessObjects Analysis, version for OLAP

Technical Capabilities

  • Flexible Eclipse-based design environment
  • HTML5 UI technology and built-in iPad support
  • JSON-based client-side rendering
  • WYSIWYG layout
  • Less and decoupled properties
  • Wizards and command script language
  • Direct integration with SAP BW and SAP HANA
  • Operability on SAP BEx queries, InfoCubes, and SAP HANA views
  • Support for engine and platform services specific to SAP BW and SAP HANA

SAP BusinessObjects Lumira

This solution helps visualize data and create vivid, interactive diagrams and inforgraphics. You can import data from Excel and other sources, perform visual analysis using easy-to-use dashboards, and share results with the team in secure environment.

This convenient BI tool can connect to corporate data warehouses and repositories.

SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards

Give your people an easier way to explore insights and test-out future scenarios – with SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards. This dashboard software offers users personalized drag-and-drop functionality and interactive gauges, charts, and widgets – for instant access to clear and understandable metrics.

Functional Capabilities

  • Embed dashboards
    Support day-to-day decision making by embedding dashboards in portals, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint documents, PDFs, and e-mail.
  • Mobile integration
    Integrate with the SAP BusinessObjects Mobile app to let users publish fully interactive dashboards on iPads. The app also lets you view reports created in SAP Crystal Reports and other SAP BusinessObjects BI solutions.
  • Secure data from any source
    Get a 360-degree view of your data with dashboards that are securely sourced from any live data connection or back-end system.

Technical Capabilities

  • Back-end optimized BI platform
    Use a dashboard processing server that provides a thin processing layer between data sources and the dashboard’s front end.
  • Direct semantic layer connection: Query panel
    Improve authoring with direct access to a semantic layer. Preview, sort, and define queries by dragging and dropping relational universe objects, dimensions, and measures.
  • Direct semantic layer connection: Query browser
    Get quick access to the query panel to add and edit queries. Use the query summary view to see result objects, filters, and prompts.
  • Direct data binding
    Bind data from charts and selectors to query result objects – and preview live data at design time.
  • Regional formatting
  • Take advantage of built-in regional formatting to display data using region-specific settings that match your preferred viewing locale (PVL).
  • Multilingual dashboards
    Publish dashboards to the SAP BusinessObjects BI platform to allow translation experts to create localized text for dashboards.

SAP BusinessObjects Analysis for MS Office/OLAP

SAP BusinessObjects Analysis is designed to analyze multidimensional data sources (OLAP) with functionaility to create additional calculation indicators, filters and data formats.

This tool has two versions:

  • for OLAP – web version (end user works in a browser)
  • for MS Excel – an add-on for MS Excel

OLAP version offers basic features of multidimensional data analysis with pre-installation on a user computer.

SAP BusinessObjects Analysis for Microsoft Office allows reaviling important data for decision making in a set of available information.

Functional features

  • Design and navigation
    • Using simple tools with drag-and-drop functionality and filters, data replacement and other actions.
    • Simplified access to data arrays.
    • Synchronization with other client applications of SAP BusinessObjects.
  • Realtime PowerPoint presentations
    • Export of current analysis from Excel
    • Import query results of BEx directly into presentation

Technical features

  • Built-in analysis module - Performs multi-factor analysis of OLAP sources in Microsoft Excel. Creates applications based on worktables Excel and easily creates analytical PowerPoint presentations.
  • Allows executing plan and budget scenarios based on SAP BW Integrated Planning or SAP Business Planning and Consolidation.

SAP BusinessObjects Mobile

Provide your team with secure access to critical business intelligence on any device, no matter where they are. Our mobile BI app, SAP BusinessObjects Mobile, is designed to help you stay competitive in today's global, "always on" business environment.