“ID – Management technologies” LLC produced proprietary product “SEDO” based on free software components


“ID – Management technologies” LLC, produced a new product: universal platform with customizable setup, great evolution opportunities, high compatibility and performance. The “SEDO” solution provides full functionality of typical enterprise content management (ECM) system taking into account contemporary market trends. The solution is applicable to enterprises of any size including those with complex, geographically distributed infrastructure.

“We are certain that development of free software is not just a global trend, security and future of IT industry. This is also a top priority direction for country development aimed at cost reduction of automation processes, increased transparency, and industry evolution as a whole. Free software concept already changes the world leading to a technology revolution”, says Roman Konovalov, General Director, “ID – Management technologies” LLC.

This solution fully satisfies market expectations:

  • Economic value and anti-corruption features – free software based solutions do not require license payments (you can save up to 60%)
  • Security - closed and proprietary products are less secure as they may include undocumented features
  • National interests – using free software is beneficial for the country and society
  • Proprietary solutions are import-dependent – local software solutions are not vulnerable in terms of various sanctions that may infringe user rights

The “SEDO” solution corresponds to all requirements and offers several advantages compared to foreign products already noticeable by our local customers. In future, we plan to develop our own products including mobile applications”, noticed Roman Konovalov.

“ID – Management technologies” LLC offer the full cycle of development, deployment and maintenance of ECM systems that provide reliable storage for data, quickly find it in a system, provide timely settlement of documents, monitor deadlines, track execution dates and quality of service level.