PAO "FGC UES" (ASUD migration)

PAO "FGC UES" (ASUD migration)
Recommendation letter

OAO “FGC UES” and “ID – Management technologies” LLC are in close cooperation in terms of development and implementation of automated system for management docflow (ASUD).

In 2011, the experts of this company have performed the project “Migration of ASUD from version 5.3 to version 6.5 of the EMC Documentum software platform” in timely manner and with high quality.

During the project implementation, the following results are achieved:

  • correspondence of general ASUD software with the requirements of basic EMC Documentum software developer;
  • increase in ASUD system performance;
  • increase in fault tolerance of ASUD;
  • improved efficiency of hardware usage.

All ASUD components and developments implemented during commercial operation have been adapted to operation with new version of software.

We want to separately emphasize professional quality of “ID – Management technologies” LLC enabling them to work in non-standard conditions, find individual approach to customer, and apply innovative approaches in terms of business process automation.

Head of Department of
information technologies, OAO “FGC UES”