PAO “FGC UES” and “ID – Management technologies” LLC are in close cooperation in terms of technical support and modernization of information systems in PAO “FGC UES”.

In 2016, the experts of “ID – Management technologies” LLC have timely and professionally accomplished the project for creation of the stage 2 of Automated Control System to manage electronic archive services in PAO “FGC UES”. The project included automation of processes creation, validation, selection, and acquisition of primary documentation in electronic format within the general bookkeeping and management accounting in PAO “FGC UES” (including the settlement processes with customers and processes related to execution of Investment program).

During the project, the team of “ID – Management technologies” LLC proved itself as a reliable business partner and showed outstanding competency in applying up-to-date IT technologies to resolution of challenging tasks. We want to separately emphasize professional experience of the project team of “ID – Management technologies” LLC expressing profound understanding of actual customer needs.

Director of accounting and reporting -
Head of Department of accounting (Chief Accountant)